March 21

Releasing hair from the bun
She ditches the straight skirt, neat blouse,pearls
Pulls on her favourite washed out jeans and hoody
Scrapes her hair into a ponytail
Grabs the backpack
Climbs into the buddy filled Jeep
Today is her day!

Quay appears in view
Scramble out clamber down
All aboard.                                            The captain Aye Ayes all
Mooring released
Away they skim over the waves
To the island speck on the horizon

Excited chatter giggles hoots
They pull alongside the pier
Piled with fishermens tackle nets pots
Up the wet steps
To meet George
Who is sizing them as they arrive
Each handed a wetsuit and helmet
Buoyancy aid gloves
Quickly changed to look like
Shiny black seals
They stand to attention
Like the class she’s left behind
George barks the drill

Now aboard a battered van
Door handles dodgy
Bench shoved in boot
As they fly down narrow road
Brake at corner
Bench slides
Door unclasps
Tarmac flying underneath
Grasp hold phew!
Door and bench
Stay put for seconds
Till they stop
At craggy rocks and cliff face

Group is mixed
She with two buddies
The rest masculine moustachioed males
All squaring up for the challenge
Scrambling up rocks
Sliding down chutes
Jumping off cliffs

They line up like ducks
Shivering a little with
Fear, chill excitement
As its her day
She volunteers to go first
Knees knocking standing on a precipice
She takes a quick run and
Steps out into air
Like a rocket
She bullets
Into water
Initially ice cold
As she bobs up like a cork
Waves excitedly
Delirious with pride
She did it!

Next came one fine male specimen
After the other
Showering down
In quick succession
She couldn’t help herself
It’s raining men! Hallelujah!
It’s raining men aMEN!



March 18th

Kettle filled
Teabags in pot
Clink cup on saucer
Wait for golden liquid to draw
Steam rises
Vacant stare
As tea is slowly sipped
No thoughts
Mind blank
No breeze
Nothing moves

Hands mindlessly
Moving in suds
Cups swished
Circular motion
Plates cleaned
Lean on cups
Cutlery fished
From sink
Stand upright to attention
To drain
All done
Staring out
At nothing

Basket emptied
Colours whites
In separate piles
Whites shoved
Into steel drum
Purple tablet
Knobs turned
Buttons pressed
Buzz trickle gush
As she looks again
Out the window
And waits for

Dusk draws in
Fire flickers
Cosy armchair
Welcomes weary one
To sit
And stare
As warm colours dance
And shapes and shadows
Are burned away to


Why Cry?

Tears stream down
Why now?
It’s just Brahms
It does it every time
How can heartstrings be
Tugged and tweaked
By notes that soar?

Tears stream
Flood uncontrollably
Funny half hour
A chuckle at first
Then a giggle
A guffaw and
A full hearted out loud
From the depths belly laugh
Spontaneous combustion
That takes off
Can’t be stopped
Tears gush
Continue until
Mirth is worn out
Followed by
And involuntary giggle
An odd chuckle
But tears?
Why now?

Tears trickle
My sister appears
At Arrivals
Hugs welcomes
More tears
Now aplenty
Wash rivers
Down each cheek
Makeup streaked
Sniff dry up
Gather self
A joyous moment
Opens flood gates
Why cry?

Tears in my eyes
As I view
An original Van Gogh
In a forest
De Hoge Veluwe
Emotion filled
Powerless to quell
The tears that drip drop
Memories of Dad
Of Vincent, his life
All come charging
An eruption
Of wonder awe
Longing pride
Hanging quietly
In a pristine gallery
A sleeping volcano
Waiting to pounce
Opens in me
A canyon to be explored
Why cry?



March 14th

Sun shines in
Lighting the treasure
Rays seek out word filled leaves
Dust motes dance in the soft light
Books stacked ready to shelve
New shiny covers
Bright colours
Invite readers to choose
Steps are aligned
She climbs with an armful
Just as the door blows open
Dressed in velvet jacket
He glances up
She, distracted, loses grip
The bundle topples
He rescues the books midair
Relieved and delighted
She thanks him profusely
Shyly offers coffee in gratitude
He nods and follows
They settle on tall stools
In the 5 by 5 cubby
As the smell of a fresh brew
Fills the air
They connect
On all levels
Words,best reads,
Favourite authors
Characters, phrases
2 coffees later he invites her
For lunch
Alas, alone in the shop for the afternoon
She replies
He just smiles
And leaves

Meanwhile she serves her regulars
Advises newcomers
Enthuses about this author
That new edition
This surprising trilogy
Customers leave content
Happy in the knowledge
They’ve been well advised
Tick tick one o’ clock chimes
He’s back
Weighed down
Quick decision
She locks up
Twists Open to Closed

Some moments later
The cubby is transformed
Candle light flickers
Lighting the bubbles
Rising in glasses of
Chilled prosecco
A feast of olives, cheeses, chutney
Rest on gingham serviettes
Freshly baked Foccacia
Wafts its scent around the shelves
He invites her to sit and sip
Admiring his handiwork in silence
She surveys
This amazing spontaneous gesture
She glances at his anxious face
Nods and smiles
‘What a feast!’


Oh God!

March 9th 2016

She rises early
Quiffs her hair
Wanders slowly out
To breathe the air
Admires the daffs
Crocus and tulips
Blows a kiss
From her rosy lips

These creations
Are hers alone
The trees the sky
The sun the moon
Humbly quietly
She silently strolls back
To eat her breakfast
In her lowly shack
The woods whisper
The wind blows
The birds twitter
“There She goes!”
Her attire is simple
Her hair is long
Her face serene
Here she belongs

She’s given us a world
A thing of beauty and awe
Where life regenerates
It’s natures law
Amazing views
Stupendous seas
Craggy cliffs
Mighty mountains
Sensational sunsets
Stunning sunrises
Spectacular storms
Beautiful landscapes

Fabulous forests
In painterly greens
To ease our stresses
Our minds to heal
How many of us notice
How many of us dare
To give thanks to Her
Who will always care

Thank You!



Walking purposefully
Towards my delights
Meshee will
Bungee jump from the Macau Tower
Pair skydive for charity
Sail the Atlantic single handled
She is slim trim brimful of energy

Time management is her forte
Giving her opportunity to
Explore her many talents
Her artwork develops successfully
Galleries clamour to exhibit
A Meeshee!
Her motivational speaking engagements
Are booked out

She is accomplished
Lives mindfully
Fitness is vital and she
Swims a mile each morning at 6 am
Her home is cosy warm welcoming
Perfectly coordinated comfortable

Meeshee encourages friends and folk
To be the best they can be
Helpful kind humble
Stepping back, not interfering
When appropriate
She learns daily, thrives on new challenges
Sleeps peacefully each night
Daily goals reached
Done and dusted.


Daily pathlines drawn
Footstrokes by a swan
Leave sweetwakes
In the waterglass

The passionweary stalk
The leafmatted path
Seeking solace
From lifestrain and
Hands pocket digging
Head weighed deepdown

Birds flitfly from
Tree to twig
Insects humbuzz
In the hedges
A passerby gives
A knownod and a smile
Encouraging lifelight
To return
And spirits to be

Breathe in and lungfill
Breathe out and let go
Stepstep a rhythm
Like a tapmantra
To calm the brain
And browsoothe

The stepstep
is automatic

Momentbeing is enough